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Do’s and don’ts of your first music album!

So recording a song of your own has been your childhood dream? And you have come to a stage where you have finally begun to realize it? With money, resolution and efforts in place you must have come with a full-proof plan to design your first album by the end of this year!

But before you begin with the process, it’s crucial to understand the do’s and don’ts of making a first album. After all you shall design only one first album and this is the one that should be the best!

Don’t be in a hurry!

If you record an album with a recording studio or all by yourself – there still will take a lot of time to process the recordings and make it a final album. This time can range anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Don’t be in a hurry to sketch out the release date and create magnitude around it. Let the album take its time as it is the quality that matters not the time!

Do design a special product!

Unlike the general albums which contain limited number of songs or similar technology, choose a less chosen path. Design your album with a special effect or limited edition numbers which bring in exceptional beauty to your album. When you have a special something in your album, the album shall be the best product to deliver!

Do involve the press!

While the established artists need to help from the press, it is the beginners who need to work hard for attention. Do try to involve with the press and make them a part of your marketing strategy. Getting a few published articles, posters or even news floating helps make your album a success!

Don’t ignore the recording studios!

Recording studios offer a variety of services in a package for the singers, songwriters, and musician etc to record their albums. And all of these are available at the best prices. Songmill Studios offer the best of music experts, producers and writers on board to design your very first album. Don’t ignore the expertise!

Do make a big launch!

A music launch event creates the most waves. Do plan not one but three launch parties to bring about a buzz about your album!

Competitive market shall bring about new challenges for you in the journey of your own album. It is about what you follow and what you are determined about that decides your faith!

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